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Learn how to knit - learn about yarn, knitting needles and knitting patterns

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Do you want to learn how to knit? Or maybe you’re looking for a specific method or tips for knitting in general? Here at Knit Wit Company, we try to gather tips & tricks for you, we’ve created free knitting patterns that even beginners can knit, and we also share inspiration on the blog.

But first, som quick tips to get you started with knitting.

Start knitting…

The best thing about knitting is that you can start without having tons of equipment. You only need a pair of knitting needles and yarn that matches the size of the needles.

The yarn

You can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of types of yarn that’s out there!

When you start out learning to knit, we would recommend starting out with a soft Worsted weighted yarn (read more about yarn weights / thickness here). In no way do you need the exclusive yarn to begin with – you can always come back to that. Right now, you should focus on starting your first project.

A yarn like Drops Muskat fra Garnstudio in 100% cotton is a really good starter yarn, since it’s mercerized og thereby slides down the needle easily. Make sure to choose a light color, as it can be difficult to see the individual stitches in dark yarn.

When you’ve gotten a hold of the yarn, have a look at the label – it will provide all the information you need, so it’s important you learn to read and decipher the information on there. Read more about how you read a yarn label here.

The knitting needles

The next choice to make is which knitting needles to use. Read more about how you choose knitting needles here. There are many to choose from, and often the choice often comes back to personal preference. You can choose between materials: bamboo, hard wood, plastic, aluminum etc. You can pick the type; jumper needles, double pointed needles or circular needles. The type is most often dependent on the project you’re embarking on. You can easily knit back and forth on circular needles, so if you’re the type that loses one knitting needle, maybe use circular needles instead 🙂 Personally, I prefer aluminum since the yarn moves great on the needle. But it can be an advantage to use bamboo or wood is you’re a beginner, as they might help you keep the stitches on the needles.

If you’ve chosen the before-mentioned Muskat yarn, then you should choose 4mm needles.

Note: As a rule of thumb, the following is applicable for choosing knitting needles:

  • Thin yarn – thin needles
  • Thick yarn – thick needles

Next step

So what’s the next step? Get the stitches on the knitting needles! Knitting is basically made up of two different kinds of stitches, knit and purl, but you just put them together differently to get different patterns. Fx rib is made up of switching between knit and purl, and putting the same kind of stitch (fx purl on purl) on top of each other.

You can find more tips on the blog, get inspiration on Pinterest and see our free knitting patterns here. And of course, you can have a look in the shop, where there are loads of knitting patterns – even for beginners.

Get started! Remember to have fun and to share your knitting projects with the hashtag #knitwitcompany.