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Contact and about Knit Wit Company - Knitting patterns

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Contact Knit Wit Company

Email: info@knitwitcompany.com

About Knit Wit Company

Knit Wit Company’s ultimate goal is to establish that knitting is far more modern, minimalist and rock ’n’ roll than generally assumed. We want to change the assumption, and show that you can easily create up-to-date, modern knitting that you actually want to wear! With our easy-to-read patterns, designs for everybody from beginner to expert and with a minimalist design approach, knitting with Knit Wit Company is a piece of cake.

We, mother and daughter, Charlotte and Therese, decided in 2012 to start a webshop selling yarn, knitting patterns and knit kits. Today, we focus on our main force, namely knitting patterns. We are based in Aarhus, Denmark, being inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design while keeping true to Nordic knitting traditions.

We have a very simple philosophy: we love to knit, and we want to share this love!

Knitting is an amazing passtime, and the fact that you end up with a great design in the end, that you can actually wear, will make you proud and satisfied – while having experienced the true sense of the Danish concept of HYGGE!

In short: Knitting is awesome – give it a try 🙂

We hope you have a great time with our designs.

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